Bus 4×4 offers some of the world’s toughest 4WD buses, the Iveco Daily 4WD Bus and the Torsus® Praetorian 4WD Bus. For a safe, cost-effective solution to your challenging off-road requirements, talk to Bus 4×4.

Bus 4×4 builds the Iveco Daily as a single-body walkthrough body which is a game changer in strength and accessibility for the mining and tourism industries. The Iveco Daily is military grade and the vehicle of choice operated by several armies around the world. So when the time comes to replace or upgrade your main business asset, the Bus 4×4 Iveco Daily 4×4 Bus is your field-tested prime choice.

Bus 4×4 is also the authorised Australia Pacific distributor for the Torsus® Praetorian 4WD Bus which is built on a heavy duty MAN chassis and powered by a MAN engine and drive train. From Michelin off-road tyres to the Line-X™ ballistic-grade coating on body parts, the Torsus® Praetorian is marketed as the world’s toughest 4WD Bus.


Bus 4×4 builds single-body walkthrough buses on the Iveco Daily 4×4. This Full Time 4×4 with High and Low Range people mover has front, centre and rear diff lockers as standard to boost your traction, huge ground clearance to ride over obstacles, and super single tyres for increased maneuverability which makes it your ideal vehicle for the mining and tourism industries.


Bus 4×4 is the Australasian Pacific Distributor for Torsus® which is built on a heavy duty MAN chassis powered by a MAN engine/drive train. Customised with Michelin off-road tyres and Line-X™ ballistic-grade coating, the Torsus® Praetorian is marketed as the world’s toughest 4WD Bus. The Torsus® is the vehicle of choice for serious mining and tourism off-road terrain related work.



Bus 4×4 has transformed the world’s most exciting and capable 4×4 light truck, the Iveco Daily 4×4, into an amazingly versatile off-road bus. The Daily’s power and performance combined with Bus 4×4 custom coachwork and refinements make it a game changer for the mining, tourism and off-road industries.

The Iveco Daily 4×4 Bus is available as a 14 seat standard or extended wheelbase.

Key reasons to purchase include:

  • 3.0L Euro 6 turbo diesel engine generating 125kW and 400Nm of torque – great power on tap
  • Factory High & Low range 4×4 with front, centre & rear diff lockers as standard – traction boost
  • Full walkthrough coachwork connecting driver to passengers – comfort and accessibility
  • Superior ground clearance – ride over road obstacles
  • 14 forward facing seats with lap sash belts – move your people safely with less stress

We can fit your Iveco Daily 4×4 Bus with extra Options & Accessories such as:

  • Digital Audio Visual Entertainment Unit
  • Tyre pressure monitoring systems
  • Seat Sense seat belt alarm system to all seats
  • Snorkel Kit, Winch, Spot lights, UHF Radio


Introducing the seriously extreme terrain Torsus® Praetorian people mover from Bus 4×4. This bus is ideal to carry 35 passengers across off-road and tough terrain. Its rugged, durable build and advanced off-road capability can traverse rocks, sand and snow. If your business involves serious off-road travel for reasonable group sizes, then you cannot go past this vehicle.

The Torsus® Praetorian is available as a 35 seat standard wheelbase.

Prime reasons you’ll buy a Torsus® Praetorian include:

  • 6.9L Euro 5 engine generating 213kW and 925Nm of torque – massive power when you need it
  • Factory high and low range 4×4  – traction on tap
  • Full walk-through coachwork connecting driver to passengers – comfort and accessibility
  • Rugged protection, both interior & exterior – protect your investment and your occupants
  • Long service intervals and extensive MAN dealer network – cost-effective accessible maintenance

Bus 4×4 can customise the Torsus® Praetorian for your specific sector:

  • Mining, Firefighting and Tourism
  • Expedition, Safari and Motorhome
  • Surveillance, Assault, Military and Police
  • Cargo and Transport



Bus 4×4 has cut its teeth – literally – in the Australian mining environment which is the toughest place to learn what works and what doesn’t. Because, drivers of mining company equipment aren’t exactly noted for their loving care of machinery!

Bus 4×4 has been supplying 4×4 Mine Buses to reputed companies in the commercial drilling, mining and mineral exploration sites both in Australia and around the world. Standard 4×4 buses are customised with specialised equipment and after-market accessories to increase vehicle safety, visibility, performance and function. Hence, Bus 4×4 4WD Mine Buses are highly sought after for their high standards of specification, safe operation and long lasting build required to operate in demanding conditions and highly corrosive environments.

In the 4×4 Bus Range, Bus 4×4 offers the Iveco Daily 4WD and Torsus® Praetorian 4WD, from 14 seats to 35 seats for sale. The Iveco Daily 4×4 Bus is available on hire as well.


At Bus 4×4 we know that the interaction between the driver and customers is big part of the tourism experience. Hence, our 4WD buses are built as single body with an easy walkthrough layout so that driver and customers are fully accessible to each other.

We are also serious about off road performance, so all our 4×4 Tour Buses come with super single wheels and tyres as standard. Super singles perform better in sand and mud and greater ease of changing tyres. Whether you operate in the Snowy Mountains, the Kimberleys, Kakadu, Fraser Island, the Red Centre, Cape York, the Savannah Way or the Flinders Ranges, we have the perfect vehicle solution for you. Our vehicles are designed to pass commercial passenger vehicle inspections in any Australian State or Territory.

In the 4×4 Bus Range, Bus 4×4 offers the Iveco Daily 4WD and Torsus® Praetorian 4WD, from 14 seats to 35 seats for sale. The Iveco Daily 4×4 Bus is available on hire as well. Click here to visit the 4×4 Tour Bus website.


At Bus 4×4, we believe your motorhome should take you anywhere on and off-road, from the rugged outback to glittering beaches, without leaving comfort and luxury behind.

Our 4×4 Motorhomes are built as single-body walkthrough true off-road vehicles with High and Low Range and raised suspension to improve clearance. We can customise your motorhome with external modifications like motorhome body panels, slide-outs, bull bars, roof racks and pop-tops. However, we do not build interior fitouts but are happy to recommend interior fitout specialists so you have a complete motorhome from start to finish.

We offer the Iveco Daily 4WD Motorhome and Torsus® Praetorian 4WD Motorhome options in our range with custom interior fitout on order. Click here to visit the 4×4 Motorhomes website.