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Bus 4×4 Qld Tourism Campaign

Bus 4×4 Qld Tourism Campaign

In view of the COVID-19 restrictions that have placed Queensland tourism under severe stress, Bus 4×4 ran a Queensland Tourism Awareness Campaign called The Top 30 Places in Queensland You May Not Be Aware over a month.

We posted 1 place per day for 25 days and then invited readers for the balance 5 suggestions to win a Bus 4×4 cap. This campaign was seen by many of our readers who engaged, messaged and emailed us with places.

The Bus 4×4 Top 25 places in alphabetical order:
1) Agnes Water
2) Boodjamulla National Park
3) Byfield Rainforest
4) Cambooya Sunflower Route
5) Champagne Bay
6) Chillagoe Smelters
7) Cobbold Gorge
8) Daintree Forest
9) Fairy Pools
10) Finch Hatton Gorge
11) Girraween National Park
12) Gudda Gumoo Gorge
13) Hells Gates
14) Kondadilla Falls
15) Magnetic Island
16) Mamu Tropical Skywalk
17) Mt Kootaloo
18) Natural Bridge
19) The Overhang
20) Tully Gorge
21) Undara Volcanic Park
22) Valley Of Diamonds
23) Wallaman Falls
24) Windin Falls
25) Zoe Falls

Congratulations to Les Adams, Paul Burton, Peter Davis, Wendy O’Shea and Nikki Oliver for suggesting 5 places and winning a Bus 4×4 cap each.

The 5 Reader Suggestions:
26) Barron Falls
27) Mt Etna Bat Caves
28) Carnarvon Gorge
29) Glasshouse Mountains
30) Nudey Beach

Pictures and content taken from various sources. Some of the sites are:

Queensland Tourism – Website

Tourism Australia – Website

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