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Do you need a 4×4 Conversion of Toyota Granvia?

Do you need a 4×4 Conversion of Toyota Granvia?

Coinciding with the launch of the 300 Series Hiace in 2019, Toyota Australia replaced the much-loved 36 year old Tarago with the luxury Granvia in a 6 and 8 seat option. The Tarago was getting long in the tooth and sales were declining which made it easier for the Granvia as a “stylish, premium people-mover that delivers vast improvements in ride comfort, handling, safety and interior refinement and features” in the words of Toyota.

But as Matt Brogan of Car Sales said, “The Granvia is more Hiace Commuter Deluxe and less a Tarago substitute”.

But whatever the reason, the Granvia had finally come to roost in Australia.

In Australia, the Granvia is available in 2.8L turbo diesel engine with 6 speed transmission and a 6/8 seat option. At 5300mm long, it has the same extended bonnet look of the Hiace models but a large shiny metal face. Like the Hiace, it is walk-through from the front to the rear. But with large recliner seats in the rear, it is much easier to climb in from the sides which is through 2 electric sliding doors.

The Granvia comes with the maximum five-star ANCAP rating and a host of safety specifications such as nine airbags, ‘Safety Sense’ pack for cyclist and pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assistance, road sign recognition, auto high beam, and adaptive cruise control.

Bus 4×4 converts only the 6 Seat Granvia in both the standard and VX variants into 4×4 with high and low range. The Granvia can be a vehicle of choice to transport VIP guests from the airport to mine/construction sites without the need to change vehicles. It is also an attractive option as a luxury 4×4 people mover for high end outback tour operators who want something different for their customers. Whatever the reason be, the Granvia can prove to be an ideal choice over other diesel luxury options including the 7 seat SUVs.

The Bus 4×4 conversion is done under a SSM IPA (Secondary Stage Manufacture – Identification Plate Approval) which includes upgrading the independent front suspension and the rear spring suspension. This raises the body to 180mm over the factory standard, the highest lift in Australia complying with the Australian Government Motor Vehicle Standards Act of 1989 under the national vehicle standard (Australian Design Rule – ADR). Click here to read the Australian Government regulations for SSM information on vehicles with GVM under 4.5 tonnes.

Since the Granvia is ANCAP 5 Star rated, it can be used without the need for ROPS (Rollover Protection Cage) on sites that require safety. We can offer a cargo barrier separating the seats from the rear as a convenient location to store luggage and off-road equipment. The front passenger seat can be changed into a swivel base, offering face to face interaction with customers which is important for tour operators. In addition, we can add electric steps, scrub rails, compressor and fridge if required. The Bus 4×4 overhead control system can also be incorporated above the driver’s windscreen to access lights, beeper, and UHF.

Upgrading the factory 70L fuel tank to a bigger tank is under development. The Granvia comes standard with 17″ wheels, and we offer 3 tyre options on the same wheels – 265/65 R17, 265/70 R17 and 285/65 R17. The Bus 4×4 conversion also includes centre and rear diff locks and wheel arch bullet mouldings.

The Granvia may not be a runaway success as thought by Toyota but it is a formidable vehicle when converted into 4×4, shifting it into the large 4WD wagon territory. The VX version has true luxury vehicle appointments, including optional second row reclining armchairs with leg rests, leather seats, keyless entry, front collision avoidance, Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), adaptive cruise control and climate-control air conditioning.

The Granvia may not be the right vehicle as a camper for #vanlife because of its low roof which requires an additional $6K to $7K for a pop-top, but it could be used for day trips or for glamping.

Even though the Granvia may struggle against the other Hiace models, at the end of the day no other vehicle manufacturer can beat Toyota reliability and traditional high resale, so is the Bus 4×4 Conversion of Granvia for you?

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