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4×4 Mine Specification Vehicles

4×4 Mine Specification Vehicles

Supplying vehicles to the mining industry is challenging. As Allan Whiting of Outback Travels Australia says, drivers of mining company equipment aren’t exactly noted for their loving care of machinery. This is the reason why Bus 4×4 has cut its teeth literally in the Australian mining environment and why there is no tougher place to learn what works and what doesn’t.

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The biggest challenge when supplying mining vehicles is the ongoing requirement to stay compliant to vehicle and safety requirements stipulated by different mining companies. Each mining company has its own specifications, determined by what they believe to be best practices in terms of the safety requirements across their mining sites. For example, a mining vehicle contracted to a Rio Tinto mine site may require additional specifications when contracted to a BMA mine site. Hence, without a standardised safety regulation across mining sites, the mine
specifications will vary.

However, Bus 4×4 can make the process easy since we have the knowledge of mine specifications for all mining companies in Australia. Our 4×4 mine vehicles come fully equipped and ready to go. We are Australia’s leading company building 4×4 conversions to suit Toyota Hiace and Toyota Coaster buses. We have built and converted over 500 4WD people mover vehicles to date for our customers who trust us with their fleet requirements.

All our 4×4 hire fleet vehicles are regularly maintained by our highly skilled in-house mechanics in a state-of-the-art workshop to ensure safety and performance are kept to standard.

What are Mine Spec Site Vehicles?
Bus 4×4 only builds and supplies AWD and 4×4 mine spec people movers. All our vehicles when fitted with mine specifications such as roll-over protection systems, collision protection systems, seat belt alarms, tyre modifications, safety requirements in internal communications, flashing beacons, etc meet the strict standards required both on-site and off-site.

Bus 4×4 has extensive knowledge over many years in the Australian mining industry and hence we are prepared to maintain ongoing changes and customisations to our fleet.

Our Core Competencies

  • Innovation in 4×4 Conversions
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Strategic Flexibility of Products

The Bus 4×4 Mine Specification Accessories can include some if not all the below:

Bull Bar: Bull Bars are one of the first choice of accessories to protect you from frontal collisions and help to protect your vehicle from animal strikes when driving on remote roads. Bull bars also provide options to mount start and battery isolators, Anderson plugs, aerials, lights and mining flags. Available in powder coated or polished options.

Rear Protection and Tow Bar: Rear Protection and Tow Bars give you peace of mind on the road to ensure maximum safety for you and for your vehicle.

Snorkel: A Snorkel protects the engine due to the higher air intake, giving you the combined benefits of cooler and cleaner air input, aiding with safer water crossings and increased airflow for improved performance.

ROPS: Roll-Over Protection System is a cage of internal bars for added safety in case the vehicle rolls over.

Mine Beacon with Reverse Beeper: A Light Bar on the top of the vehicle at the rear flashes with a beeping sound when the vehicle is in reverse to increases visibility.

Safety Items: Safety items such as Wheel Nut Indicators, Safety Wheel Chocks, Safety Triangles and Mine/Dune flags help in vehicle safety.

Lights: External Roof Lights, LED Light Bar on Bull Bar including wiring of ‘daylights’ for headlights and tail lights.

Battery and Start Isolator: Fitted on the Bull Bar or on the vehicle body to isolate power to the vehicles starter motor or to isolate the power to the entire vehicle. Includes Anderson plug jump start system.

Seat Belt Alarm System: Seat Sense Alarm System with driver console that beeps when occupants are seated but not belted.

Radio: UHF or VHF Radio for two-way communication in remote locations with limited reception, including roof mount aerial.

Fire Extinguisher: 2.5kg or 4.5 kg fire extinguisher to put out fires.

Signage: Reflective Tape to the sides and rear of vehicle to increase vehicle visibility as well as Call Sign/ID Signage to allow the vehicles to be individually identified.

Other: Spare Tyres, Upgraded Fuel Tank, First Aid Kit, Cargo Barrier, Cargo Baskets, Headliner Trim, Replacement Flooring, if required.

We are here to help
Bus 4×4 will work with you to ensure the vehicles you buy or hire have the exact specifications for your mine site. Give us a call on +61 7 3276 1420 or email us how we can help you.

If you want more details on the Bus 4×4 Conversions, please click here to email us or call us on 07 3276 1420.

For a list of our distributors in Australia and overseas, click here.

For the full specifications of Toyota Hiace and Coaster, click to visit the Toyota Australia website here.


Bus 4×4 assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this article. While the information contained in this article was correct at the time of publication, we constantly improve our products and some features may be changed in the current specifications. Please contact us for the current mining specifications.

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