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Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster with Wheelchair Lift

Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster with Wheelchair Lift

A Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster with rear wheelchair lift ready for delivery to a North Qld Bus Operator. This modified 19 seat 4×4 bus makes it an ideal off-road people mover for everyone to travel.

We modify the seats from 22 to 19 (17 passengers + 1 wheelchair passenger + driver) using the rear empty space to fit an Evolution Series E-7000-VSP Fully Automatic Wheelchair Lift. Included is a manual back up pump, front and rear roll stops, automatic folding hand rails, flashing safety lights and automatic platform safety lock. Additional modifications are done to the floor including wheel-arch inserts and vinyl matting for the wheelchair area. We cut and split the double seat into single seat for positioning and spray anti corrosion underbody paint to all worked surface areas under the bus.

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